DAC Secure Funding

Posted on 25/02/11

Doncaster Athletic Club is a grade A facility, inspected each year, as to the standard of track and field provision. The existing track and markings were completed about four years ago but as time has passed sections of the coloured hurdle and lane markings have worn away.
Club Directors embarked upon a fund raising mission in the summer of last year, to reach an initial target of around 10,000, however, we were still two thousand pounds short by December, with the VAT increase taking the amount needed to a further 2,450.
Nevertheless, we were determined that we would find the funding to secure the work in May this year. Our Christmas lottery, through the generosity of our members and local partners, raised a further 2,000.
Alongside our funding raising, we have been in negotiation with the Keepmoat Stadium Management Company, who have agreed to pay the difference, meeting us half way.
In the end DAC Club reserves, fund raising and Stadium management contributions have secured the funding for the work to go ahead.

25th February 2011.