Fully Booked South Yorkshire Fundamentals Course & New Partnership Created

Posted on 30/03/11

The South Yorkshire McCain Athletics Network held their fourth youth development workshop on Wednesday 30th March 2011. The event was held at Dorothy Hyman Sport Centre/Track, which was provided to the network for just 30! The workshop utilised a conference room and the track, with refreshments all for just 30, and the South Yorkshire McCain Athletics Network would like to thank Dorothy Hyman for their hospitality, and the new venue hire partnership that had been created.
The evening attracted coaches and young leaders from across the County to take part in both practical and theoretical aspects providing a flexible learning environment. The Sports Coach UK Introduction to Fundamentals Workshop explored the concepts of Agility, Balance and Co-ordination and speed (ABCs), enabling the coaches to learn to observe, analyse and coach good movement patterns within multi-skill or sport-specific environments.

The workshop helped coaches understand:
Agility - dynamic stability, starting and stopping, momentum, acceleration and rhythm
Balance - establishing a stable core, static stability, exploring the centre of gravity and base of support
Co-ordination - related to disassociating body parts and the co-ordination of explosive actions including jumping, throwing, striking and kicking.
The workshop was a great success, with lots of positive feedback, and many coaches taking many ideas away to implement into their training sessions. The South Yorkshire McCain Athletics Network will also be using the Dorothy Hyman Sports Centre/Track for future coach development opportunities. For any information on the South Yorkshire McCain Athletics Network or its coach development programme, please contact Ashley Little, South Yorkshire Athletics Network Development Officer on: Ashley.little@sysport.co.uk or 0114 2235671.