Posted on 09/05/12

The Club was introduced to the 365 assessment system in the autumn of last year; the first action was to consult our 30 strong coaching team about how we take this forward. We decided that we would target our under 11 members but only those who wish to compete for the Club, following a mail-shot of 87 under 11 members 10 agreed to compete.

To meet an eventual roll out of the assessment system a number of our coaches, at different levels within the Club, attended the England Athletic Workshop. The Club Chairman also attended to oversee the implementation and provide financial support.

The next step was to purchase the assessment equipment and brief the parents and members. Our under 11 coaches, Dominic Maddison, Martin Boyd and Martin Godfrey agreed to lead the sessions. Once the coaches had looked in detail at the process they designed their own assessment sheets and agreed that they would start with one 45 minute session a month, starting in April this year. Things have moved on in this short period with more detail being introduced, longer sessions and an outdoor and indoor model.

To create a focus for the Squad the Club has purchased a smart hoody-top, this has already had the desired effect of coaches and other athletes asking questions about the 365 system, with more under 11 members already expressing interest in competing.

In September we look to develop an advanced model to put our elite athletes through a tough session, in preparation for a full Club roll out in 2013. Over time we aim to assess whether this system has any impact upon competition performance.